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Stopping your vehicle is important whether you are trying to avoid an accident, slow down to take an exit, and in many other situations. At Jim Shorkey, we offer OEM parts and trained technicians to provide Kia brake service in Uniontown and Pittsburgh, PA to ensure that every time you press the pedal, you can trust that your car will begin to slow down without any concerns.


There are a number of components to brake systems, and our experienced team at the service center will be able to inspect your pads, rotors, shoes, and other parts and recommend only the Kia brake service that you actually need! We will also cross-reference your car mileage to ensure that your vehicle is up to expected maintenance intervals.


For example, most of the models we offer at Jim Shorkey Kia are front-wheel drive, meaning that the engine powers the two wheels upfront. Since they are also responsible for turning and much of the braking, they are more likely to need replacement parts after between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. Pads may wear out even more quickly depending on your style of driving and other factors.

If you aren’t sure, there are several symptoms that Kia service technicians know can be tied to brake system issues:

  • A soft pedal could mean that there are contaminants in the brake fluid system;
  • Screeching when you brake is usually a sign that the pads have worn down; and 
  • Inconsistent braking or turning under braking could be a sign that the shoes are not working properly.


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Whether you have a spongey-feeling pedal, screeching metal when you go to stop, or simply want to check your vehicle’s overall condition, we’re here to help. Use the simple form or call our service center today to set up an appointment. We’ll also perform a full inspection so you can be sure your 2020 Kia Sorento or any other vehicle is ready to hit the road.



Do you have any repair or maintenance issues? Then look no further than Jim Shorkey Kia of Uniontown in Uniontown, PA. The certified mechanics at our Kia service department will diagnose any problems with your vehicles and quickly fix them. Our proficient staff has developed a reputation for delivering excellent service and repairs in our town. Bring your Kia vehicles for service at our dealership in Uniontown, PA. Schedule an appointment today!